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Lang Development is teamed up with Landon, Moree, & Associates (LMA) a multi-disciplinary firm specializing in civil engineering and environmental planning surveying. Together they have over 50 years’ experience developing marina projects and provable knowledge of working in the GCC countries. We are seeking projects that require a quality, experienced team to manage and build marina projects. Our team has the ability to design, construct, operate and manage in water and dry stack boat storage systems along with retail and entertainment components.
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Lang Development developed the mining company from its inception in 2014 and now manages the ongoing operations and the expansion of the mine into excavating and processing limestone and specialty products for the North Tampa market place.

Lang Development consults to numerous projects owned by APG.
Lang Development managed Permitting, Contractor Selection and Construction Management.
Lang Development is part of a joint venture that is analyzing warehousing and light industrial sites to be purchased, developed and operated throughout Florida and Texas.

As a partner in this venture, Lang Development is developing Infrastructure Asset Management contracts in The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

A regional political organization comprising the energy rich Gulf monarchies – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

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